Brand new alien raises himself while the Gariiiiiii and you will claims that he’s an environment Protector, whom protect World out-of external interference

Set some amount of energy immediately following Legend of your Destroyed Group, to your nights before its marriage, Robbie and you may Procurer stargaze, where Procurer says to Robbie you to definitely she is maybe not permitting your features a good stag night (as last date Robbie got you to, the marriage had to be terminated).

Once Donner actually leaves having a face prepare manicure, and complete over muscles wax, an eco-friendly crystal places in the Robbie’s hand but he falls it because it’s hot in advance of being knocked down by impact away from a large basketball of flame and you may drops unconscious

The guy wakes upwards in his room the following day and you can makes to prepare towards the matrimony and places with the a bow link and you will sets the latest crystal involved unaware that he is becoming saw. Robbie’s bow link propels away towards goes in the fresh hallway and you may catches they and you can suits Donner’s cousin Em (who has got providing because wedding) who threatens to pull every hair regarding Robbie’s human anatomy in the event the he does anything to hurt Procurer. Just next, Donner is released out-of the lady area within her bridal dress and is prepared to note that Em managed to get, but dates back towards the this lady space immediately after watching Robbie, as it is bad luck for the bride and groom observe both till the relationships. Em then uses a mental eraser and then make Robbie forget he watched Procurer in her own bridal dress and repairs their ribbon tie.

Gariiiiiii (who is begin to pass away away from his injuries in the crash) informs Robbie when planning on taking the latest crystal assuming the brand new Nargathrons get it, eharmony aansluiting it is the avoid to have Robbie and those the guy enjoys, prior to diminishing away and Robbie makes towards crystal in addition to envision amplifier

Later, Robbie and Prancer (that has offering since the greatest son) come into Reindeer Lodge’s family room (that is used given that wedding location) where Prancer notices which he possess forgot the groups and you may distracts Robbie for a lengthy period to locate him or her. Merely after that Donner (becoming led along the aisle from the Em and Dated Jingle) appear and Vicar initiate learning from the vows. Robbie instantly hears a voice telling him that he is within the grave threat and that it’s the prevent of the globe, ultimately causing him to escape new cabin from inside the stress. After Robbie flees bad regarding the leaving Donner, just as the guy hears a notice behind him and believes it’s Em, in order to get a hold of it is an alien wearing a silver consider amp (which enables your to speak in the place of moving their lips). Whenever Robbie requires your as to why he is right here, Gariiiiiii states which he intercepted a create belonging to an enthusiastic alien race called the Nargathrons who wish to ruin Environment just before informing Robbie that the crystal he has ‘s the Nargathron Crystal and that ‘s the energy source to their greatest gun.

Afterwards, Robbie suits which have Prancer, Tapir and you will Dated Jingle and learns from their store that Nargathrons have seized Procurer. New reindeer find Gariiiiiii’s ship and you will test it. Robbie provides Prancer the latest crystal and you will informs your, Tapir and you will Dated Jingle to acquire ways to get in touch with the new Environment Guardians, ahead of traveling aside on the ship to get to the Nargathron’s boat in order to save your self Donner. Gariiiiiii’s spirt seems and you can informs Robbie from the an instructions so you can handle the latest ship. Just then, a hologram out-of Dated Jingle looks and argues that have Gariiiiiii over exactly who is to provide Robbie information, but one another leave when an annoyed Robbie tells her or him that he is trying to take a look at guide. Robbie ticks a large red key and it also directs the latest watercraft into the space and you will comes outside the Nargathrons watercraft. He could be delivered agreeable and set in identical cell while the Donner.