She adored them for always assaulting to guard others being delighted, wanting to getting identical to her or him someday

In Persona 5 Strikers, this lady dress contains a leg-size red top which have light streak and you can pleated top, and a white belt around the lady sides, a light bolero coat towards the sleeves buttoned to help you the woman arms, and you can white sandals. When in the sun’s rays, she essentially wears a wide-brimmed white hat that have a light hatband stop for the a bend regarding the back. Whenever you are within festivals, she wears a light yukata having a red cherry flower pattern and you will a keen aqua bluish sash having a red line regarding the center. She wears a white-hat having an excellent striped ribbon within finest, and you can white sandals..

Identity [ ]

Haru is generally very timid and you will kepted. In school, she is considered peculiar on account of this lady habit of remain in order to by herself and avoid contact with anyone else whenever you can. She’s got big trust situations, looking for challenging to differentiate ranging from which really thinking this lady while the a buddy, and you may just who simply would like to use their on her family members’ condition. For the reason that the girl earlier in the day, where not only family unit members, however, people and you will coaches is type so you can the woman simply to please the woman dad and you may laugh within the girl because of their personal acquire. Despite this, Haru is a highly form-hearted woman. She will get quick nearest and dearest with all the Phantom Thieves, and that is the only real person in the group Ryuji Sakamoto doesn’t dispute that have on a regular basis. She will be able to even be most uncomfortable, as the shown when she very first introduces by herself towards anybody else because the “Beauty Burglar,” and you can forgets parts of the fresh new script she’s rehearsed which have Morgana, concise from claiming “We are going to take the Value!” twice consecutively, much so you can Futaba Sakura’s irritation. She afterwards teaches you one to she was looking to become a good “woman out of fairness,” that have grown appreciating people superheroes she noticed on television.

Whenever relaxing during the coastline, Haru wears a black one-piece swimsuit having light buttons and you can liner

At first, Haru was reluctant to team up into other Phantom Theft, claiming she are unable to cooperate with people that simply don’t know what it want to do, and you may phone calls them out to own turning its backs by themselves teammate when its mission is supposed to feel to simply help the latest poor. Immediately following the girl real wishes is brought to light, however (particularly, to leave off the girl create matrimony together abusive fiance), she changes their mind and up toward Thieves to improve the girl father’s center. Not surprisingly, the woman is initial nonetheless reluctant to contradict her dad, and as a result has not fully awakened to help you their Persona, regardless of if this transform shortly after she learns one their dad has no illusions of your own brand of kid the woman bride try, and you can declares one the woman is don’t his “complementary puppet.” Later on, she e “Noir” (the latest French phrase for “black”), so you can prompt by herself you to definitely she’s running on the dark front side of your rules despite the girl want to be a woman off fairness. Therefore, this woman is rather shocked to learn that the rest es depending simply precisely how the attire research, when she had composed including a complex backstory to have hers.

Initial, Haru behaves extremely formally into category, believing that it’s their duty since newest member of the fresh new people. Just after getting advised one though the woman is new does not matter to them, yet not, she loosens up-and becomes more relaxed. She calls Makoto “Mako-chan,” shortly after claiming you to definitely this woman is the original buddy out of her own age she actually is had (initially finding Makoto from-shield, however, soon takes into account it energizing), and you will phone calls Morgana “Mona-chan,” in and you will out of the Metaverse. She including spends affectionate honorifics for everyone (-kun having people and you may -chan for girls). This thoughts goes each other suggests, because the she detests young members of the group contacting the lady “Senpai” and requests for these to simply phone call the girl “Haru.”