An unmet significance of family think are more widespread one of rural than simply among metropolitan owners (23% against

Complete, 20% of Filipino girls were thought to enjoys a keen unmet need for family unit members believe features–9% getting a style of spacing births and you will eleven% getting a style of end childbearing. 16%). Family and you will people old 20-24 was basically the age-groups probably to own an enthusiastic unmet significance of technique of spacing births (27% and you will 21%, respectively). With respect to education, an incredible importance of means of spacing births are most readily useful certainly girls and no training (14% against. 8-9% one of almost every other people), and you can people and no degree otherwise elementary schooling was basically more likely than women with highest amounts of degree to possess a keen unmet significance of a style of finish childbearing (15-16% against. 8-10%).

Contraception Training and use

Experience in family members think is almost common throughout the Philippines: During the time of new questionnaire, 98% out of currently hitched lady realized of at least that progressive means and 94% realized of at least that antique means. The quintessential widely known steps were the brand new pill (stated from the 97% out-of currently hitched women), with the fresh new condom (95%), the brand new IUD and female sterilization (92% each), in addition to injectable (89%).

All in all, 69% of married women got actually practiced contraceptive; this new tablet while the condom was in fact the ways said by premier dimensions of female (36% and 14%, respectively). During the brand new survey, 28% of women were utilizing a modern-day approach and you can 18% were using a traditional one to. The most popular actions were people sterilization in addition to pill (for every stated from the ten% of women), accompanied by detachment and you can natural family believed (9% each). Not any other approach is actually relied on by over 4% of females.

Most females just who made use of a modern-day contraceptive method received their contraception from a general public source (72%), such as for example a good barangay otherwise area wellness route (24%), a government hospital or a local wellness route (23% each)

Accessibility modern tips try high one of feamales in towns than simply one of outlying people (31% against. 25%). Next, female that have at the least some training was indeed more inclined than just girls no certified education in order to believe in such methods (25-31% compared to. 9%). Whenever family members size try considered, birth-control frequency is actually higher certainly one of women with three college students (40%) and you can reduced certainly one of female that have nothing (1%).

Yet not, the majority of women just who used condoms received him or her regarding a beneficial personal scientific resource (54%), such as for instance a drugstore (47%). Full, 41% of women practicing contraceptive left behind accessibility its means in first 12 months. Users of condoms, the latest injectable, detachment and tablet were the most appropriate to discontinue play with (60%, 52%, 46% and you can 44%, respectively). Of these who left behind, 31% cited approach failure, 16% side effects and you can fifteen% a want to conceive. Profiles of injectable was indeed most likely in order to report ill effects (32%); users regarding withdrawal had been most likely to mention method failure (22%).

One of women perhaps not currently exercising contraception, 33% meant to explore a technique next 12 months and 8% desired to explore a technique later. The new pill are the best style of 40% of females about to habit contraceptive at some time regarding future.

Fifty-five % out of nonusers don’t plan to practice birth-control within the the long term. The reasons frequently quoted for nonuse one of female young than just 30 had been an interest in so much more pupils (27%), harmful effects (25%) and health problems (15%). Certainly people old 31 otherwise earlier, the most used reasons provided for nonuse was in fact an interest in far more pupils (19%), menopausal otherwise hysterectomy (18%), side effects (16%) and you will health issues (13%).